Sonny Necklace
Sonny Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Sonny Necklace

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Gold filled pendant with mother of Pearl center.

Sonny was born with critical aortic stenosis and at two months of age underwent his first open heart surgery. He is turning 6 months in February and is currently on a LVAD awaiting a heart transplant. 
Sonny is the perfect name for our sweet boy. He is full of sunshine and has a huge open mouth smile that lights up the room. Our hope and prayer for him is that he would be a light wherever he goes and that he will carry a God given joy with him that is as bright as the sun. 
This necklace makes us think of our beautiful Sonny boy as he radiates light and joy on his journey. The mother of pearl reminds us that he is unique and perfectly created yet also strong and resilient as he shines brightly.

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