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FREE shipping all weekend long with code: DECEMBER
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Galatians 6:10

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.

We have named this little marketplace, Wells Cooperative for a number of reasons.

First off, we strive to be wells of hope in our community and beyond.  One of the fundamental driving forces behind Wells Cooperative is to provide a market for makers who need one.  As this marketplace grows, we will be able to provide more work for our makers, and also hire people to help us pack and ship orders.  We dream of the day when our business is filled with people who want to join in this mission with us.  

Wells is a company with a lot of heart.  We will have a dual focus:  economic opportunity for makers and supporting the health and education of children. We are contunually releasing limited edition pieces that support children and families in challenging situations. 

This marketplace is named Wells Cooperative, because we will be working together with artisans locally and around the globe.  We want the emphasis to be on how we join together to lift one another up.

And, finally, Wells is a name so dear to my heart, because I grew up in Wells, MN.  Wells is a small town in the heart of Southern Minnesota, nestled in the center of corn and soybean fields, Wells was the perfect place to be raised.

I grew up playing, "Grey Duck" (no Duck, Duck, Goose), I ate plenty of hot dishes and moco cakes, I said, "Uffda" and "Dontchaknow", and we were every bit "Minnesota Nice".  I remember being tucked inside during the bitter winters and summers that were delightfully slow, filled with all of the childhood wonder I could dream up.  More importantly, that community provided a healthy environment where I was taught how to be a good person.  I was taught to be kind, compassionate, considerate, humble, and to protect those less fortunate.  I was encouraged and given every opportunity available to me to make the right choices, and I am so incredibly thankful. 

We have tied together all of our passions and focus to give you this little marketplace.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us, as we join together for good.