Hey there!

I am Samantha, and I am the only girl in this tribe of boys.  My husband, Stephen, and I are the parents of these four boys:  Grant, Mason, Rhys, and Bodie.

In 2010, I started dreaming of owning a company that would make a bigger positive impact on our world than I could on my own.  At that point, we were super busy with a flourishing photography business and three little boys running around.

The years came and went, but I kept the hope for that dream alive, tucked away in my heart.

In 2014, we added our smallest boy to our family, Bodie.  Bodie was born with Down Syndrome (and he is amazing).  Being his mom awakened a new passion in me.  Not only did I want to make an impact in the lives of others, I wanted to be able to help children and families who have struggled with health.  We have had our share of hospital stays and intimidating appointments, and I wanted my dream business to help other families who have walked a similar path.

In 2017 my life allowed the space for me to dream again and, with the support of some dear friends, I launched Wells Cooperative.  The opportunity was undeniable, and I knew that it was time to put in motion the dream I had been praying for. 

Wells Cooperative is marketplace providing opportunity to talented makers.  Our pieces are almost entirely be limited edition.  When items sell out, we may not be able to reorder them, but we will always be filling our inventory with new items. 

We will be supporting talented makers based locally and overseas, and we support fair wages.  I am particularly excited about specific jewelry pieces we will be releasing that will be giving back to causes close to our hearts (particularly the health and education of children).

Thank you for following along on this journey!  We are SO excited about our future!