Saylor Grace Necklace
Saylor Grace Necklace
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Saylor Grace Necklace

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Mother of Pearl with CZ stone and gold filled mounting.

Made in collaboration with Elizabeth Crose inspired by her daughter Saylor.  Here's her story:

Just 3 days after her 6th Birthday, Saylor Grace was diagnosed with an aberrant right subclavian artery on February 10th, 2022. She had begun choking on solid foods in June 2021 and her parents quickly started looking for answers. The answers finally came after an upper GI scan showed compression of her esophagus and trachea because her right subclavian artery formed on the left side of her aortic arch and wrapped behind both structures to provide her right arm with blood flow. Saylor required a right thoracotomy to relocate the artery and relieve the compression of her esophagus and trachea on May 23, 2022. Saylor is truly our unicorn with how rare her heart defect is and how blessed we are by her spicy extra chromosome. 

Have you ever heard the term "kintsurkuroi"? It's a Japanese word meaning to repair with gold. The Japanese mend broken pottery by using a gold liquid to put it back together. They believe the pottery is stronger and more beautiful because of its flaws. In the repairing of Saylor’s heart, it has made her heart and body stronger which is why we chose a gold heart. Mother of pearl in the center of the heart signifies a sense of lightness and strength, helping you to remember who you truly are and bringing about a healthy boost of confidence should one be needed. Lastly, when worn the cubic zirconia stone is placed on the right side of the heart which is the same side that her artery was relocated to on her aortic arch and also represents the scar location from her right thoracotomy.

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