Nora Necklace
Nora Necklace
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Nora Necklace

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Gold filled pendant mounted on a 16-18” gold filled chain.

A note from Nora’s mother:

”Our daughter, Nora, was diagnosed with a serious congenital heart defect at 20 weeks. At that point, we were given a poor prognosis and a high probability of a miscarriage at some point during the pregnancy. Long story short, our little girl was a true heart warrior, fighting each and everyday until we delivered her at 38 weeks. We knew that more than likely her time with us would be short, but just the chance we had to meet her was truly a miracle. Nora was with us here on Earth for only 3 hours.

One of the meanings of the name Nora is ‘light’. The North Star is the brightest light in the night sky and is known to help guide people in the right direction. Despite Nora’s difficult journey and her short time here on Earth, she has been such a bright light in our lives. She has guided our family closer to God and to each other and led us to some amazing friendships we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Nora has had such a positive impact on others and we are honored to continue allowing her light to shine through us for years to come.”

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