Micah Necklace
Micah Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Micah Necklace

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Gold filled pendant with CZ stone.

Made in the USA.

Created in collaboration with Nina Ward.

Micah has had two open heart surgeries. One at 2 months old , and one at 5 years old. He is a miracle. He is our hero. He has overcome and done things he shouldn’t have been able to do. His heart was broken, and it was fixed in a miraculous way. Recently his Grandma who was his best friend passed away. His heart was broken again. The Hummingbird was his grandmas favorite bird. Now when he sees a Hummingbird he looks up to heaven and smiles at Grandma…it brings healing again to his broken heart. How fitting is it that the hummingbird is the only bird to fly in every direction even though it shouldn’t be able to….Like Micah.The hummingbird represents hope, comfort , courage, and healing for Micah, and this necklace couldn’t have flown in at a better time. We love it ! Nina and Micah

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