Mason Maer Necklace
Mason Maer Necklace
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Mason Maer Necklace

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Gold filled pendant with cz stones.

Mason is the most amazing, determined soul I have ever known. He brings so much love and joy to our lives every day. I will continue to shout from the rooftops that his life and his accomplishments are worthy of celebrating!

When I saw this circle and gemstone necklace I knew it had to be Mason’s. I have always felt that life is cyclic. Of course there is a starting point and an end point; but each day blends into the next as each year blends into the next. But along the way, there are these bright lights and bright spots that happen which deserve celebrating. That’s life!

This necklace called to me because this is exactly how I view Mason and his accomplishments. The gold circle represents his amazing life while the gemstones represent the bright lights and his accomplishments along the way, which deserve to be joyously and enthusiastically celebrated!

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