Kallie Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Kallie Necklace

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Blue oval CZ stone with prongs.

Kallie is our biggest blessing in life . She was born with trisomy 21 as well as avsd,tof and a pfo. 2 days after her birth they found that she also had an imperforate anus requiring surgery at 3 days old. Who knew that surgery would be the 1st of 30!!!! Yes 30 in Kallies 8 short years of life she has endured 30 procedures. And she has become stronger after each one. She is the light of our lives and watching her go through all the obstacles she has overcome and getting to be a part of all those moments has been the greatest blessing. Kallie opens your eyes and your heart to an entirely new way of love that can't be explained. To know her is to love her

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