Colt Necklace
Colt Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Colt Necklace

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An iridescent opal mounted on a detailed silver chain.

17” long.

Handmade in the US.

Created in collaboration with his mama:

”I had so much fun helping design the "Colt" necklace with Wells Cooperative in honor of my son. I received my first necklace from WC as a gift shortly after Colt was born and loved not only the necklace, but also that a portion of the proceeds went back to DSDN. I was thrilled to be able to partner with Wells Cooperative to make something representative of Colt and to give back to the Down syndrome community who has welcomed us with open, loving arms!
I originally liked the idea of a neutral stone to be able to wear the piece with anything and I love that we ended up with an opal! I love that the opal has the "surprise" of different colors depending on how you look at it. Colt gave us lots of surprises from day one - starting with his surprise home birth, health complications, and 6 day old Down syndrome diagnosis. He continues to surprise us every day with how strong he is and with everything he has accomplished!

I also started reading up on opals and I love the meaning behind the reflective nature of the stone. It takes positive energy and reflects that out and I think that's so much like Colt! His positive energy and joy radiates and spreads joy to everyone around him!

I hope you love the "Colt" necklace as much as I do! 💙💛

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