Norah Flower Necklace
Norah Flower Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Norah Flower Necklace

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Mother of pearl and gold filled pendant and chain.

Made in the USA.

Named after the daughter of Sarah at @chodaks

“In a field of roses, she’s a wildflower.”

This is one of the things that helped change my perspective after our diagnosis. At 14 weeks pregnant with Norah, we found out she would have Down Syndrome. After the longest 10 days of my life, we finally had a true answer.

We decided to learn all we could about Down Syndrome, and while listening to a podcast about having children with Down Syndrome I heard someone talk about every person being different, like flowers. All flowers are special and unique and beautiful in their own way. We can’t compare the beauty of a rose to a daisy, they are both wildly different and have many different characteristics that amplify their beauty.

It’s the same with humans, some of us look different, some of us have more limitations, but every one of us is unique, beautiful, and valuable. This necklace represents Norah, a beautiful wildflower who will always be different, but loved, valued, and worthy just the same.

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