Remi Necklace
Remi Necklace
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Remi Necklace

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Gold filled mount with cz stones.

When I was 5 months pregnant I found out at the anatomy scan that Remi was a girl, but she also had Down syndrome markers, multiple heart defects, and an intestinal defect. The doctor told me if she even lived through birth she would require countless surgeries and have a “poor quality of life”, so he suggested I terminate the pregnancy. But my heart just knew she had a big purpose and she would prove all the doctors wrong, so I chose to fight for her.

Due to needing all kinds of specialists we didn’t have at our home hospital, I had to give birth to her in a different state, away from my 4 other kids, and stay there until she was strong enough to come home. When she was born, Down syndrome was confirmed and although she had so many health issues, she sure was a fighter from the start. She spent her first 7 months of life in the hospital and had multiple surgeries before finally coming home. Over the next 4 years she had a total of 15 surgeries (many being open heart surgeries), she fought for her life and pulled through about 5 near death experiences, and just like I thought, she proved any doubts in her abilities wrong and truly showed what a miracle is.

She is now a happy, healthy, and strong almost 5 year old who hasn’t needed medical intervention in over a year! This jewelry piece being in her name means the world to all of us!💛💙

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