Kenna Necklace
Kenna Necklace
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Kenna Necklace

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Made with CZ stones and gold fill.

Made in collaboration with


Named after Kenna

Kenna is our miracle girl. Every single part of her life has been a gift from from God. Born just a shy early at 36 weeks she came into this world fighting for her life. She quickly proved that she wasn't going to let anything or anyone slow her down. Her intense medical journey really started 4 weeks after leaving the NICU. Kenna had to have major airway reconstruction surgery at just only 5lbs. The surgery and recovery were challenging and Kenna was in the hospital for a little over 3 months post surgery. During that time Kenna had a gtube placed into her stomach because she was not able to eat by mouth. The hospital ran a few genetic tests while we were there... which ultimately led us to her diagnosis. Kenna has a rare neurological condition called Angelman syndrome. She suffers from a long list of chronic health problems.. which include chronic gastrointestinal issues, seizures, developmental delays, auto immune disorders and adrenal insufficiency.

In 2021 she became extremely sick and require to have all her feeds switched to a J tube (bi pass her stomach) we were hopeful this was going to help her but another year went by and she was struggling to just stay afloat. January of this year, she was admitted into the hospital due to not gaining weight or growing. She had a PICC line placed and is now on 24/7 TPN and is finally THRIVING!!

Between it all, over the last 5 years Kenna has had over 50 hospital admissions, over 100 procedures surgeries.

When trying to decide on necklace designs we really had to think about what would represent Kenna best in the moment.

We wanted to try to go with a flower... and when trying to decide on a flower that reminds us of Kenna that first thing to come to mind is a beautiful, dainty daisy.

When looking up the meaning of a Daisy... you'll find that it means "new beginnings". Kennas journey has been a long and hard battle, and making the leap to put her on IV nutrition was gut wrenching to us. But we were quickly reminder that this was going to give Kenna a "new beginning" and chance to finally be healed from all the sickness.

So that's what we chose as her necklace design. A BEAUTIFUL, Daisy to represent Kenna's "new beginnings" on her journey!

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