Katherine Necklace
Katherine Necklace
Katherine Necklace
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Katherine Necklace

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Gold filled pendant and chain.

Made in the USA.

Created in collaboration with her mother at @we_heart_katherine

”Our sweet Katherine has surprised us in many ways. We were waiting for over a year to be matched with a birth mom and the day we decided to take a break for awhile and remove our profile from the adoption website is the day the agency called us to let us know a momma had chosen us. She was very early in her pregnancy and it gave us time to get to know her and become close to her during the months leading to Katherine’s birth.

We were present in the delivery room when our daughter arrived. As soon as I saw her I knew she had Down Syndrome. As a former NICU nurse I was very familiar with the physical traits, and she had several. Hours after her birth it was finally confirmed and they took her for an ECHO to check her heart. We signed the adoption paperwork to make her officially ours, and when we came back to the room we were given the news that she had a significant heart defect that would need surgical repair.

She was taken to the NICU and we were left blindsided and devastated.

During her weeks in the NICU, Katherine’s birth mother opened her home to us and we stayed with her the entire time. Our love for her and her entire family grew as we all collectively loved on Katherine.

We have had many, many people praying for a miraculous healing of Katherine’s heart, and part of her heart HAS healed on its own. We are believing the remaining part can and will heal as well.

The necklace to me represents the love between her birth mother and me - the two thumbprints. And the heart is a reminder of the miracle we have already experienced in her heart healing and the hope and prayer for it to continue to heal completely!“


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