Isla Necklace
Isla Necklace
Isla Necklace
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Isla Necklace

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Gold filled pendants with CZ stones. 

Made in collaboration with Kandace Lalande and named after her daughter Isla.

Isla was born on December 20th 2021. She was born with a diagnosis of Down syndrome and a complete AVSD.
Hearing “I am sorry your baby has Down syndrome” “ your baby has a heart defect”we’re the hardest words to hear. But those doctors forgot to leave out the part that sometimes hard things turn into the most wonderful unexpected things. From the moment we found out about Isla we knew we would love her regardless of her diagnosis. It’s definitely been way more than okay! She’s beautiful, so strong and so amazing!

This necklace represents how far she has come through all the twists and turns along the way. But amongst them all we came together as a family and still were able to find the beauty in those hard moments. The sparkling stones remind us to keep holding on to hope during the hard moments because with time things will shine again. We never gave up on Isla for a second even when we feared the worse at times. Slowly but surely our sweet girl came back to us stronger than ever.

Having a baby go through life saving heart surgery was earth shattering. Nothing can prepare you for the initial shock of seeing your baby post open heart surgery. But when I saw her I always saw past all the tubes and machines. I saw a new beginning for Isla. I saw so much strength and bravery in her. I saw a heart finally made whole.

Every day spent with Isla is our constant reminder just how far she has come. It’s night and day in comparison! Forever amazed by our heart warrior and everything she has conquered. She’s the strongest girl I know! She has overcome the impossible….way to go Isla you did it!

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