Gracie Necklace
Gracie Necklace
Wells Cooperative

Gracie Necklace

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Gold filled sun mounted on an adjustable 16-18” gold filled chain.

Made in the US.

This necklace gives back to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network.

A note from Gracie’s mom:

Gracie is sunshine as a person. This is the best way I’ve ever heard anyone try to describe her. She is 4 years old and in that 4 years she has battled CHD requiring 2 open heart surgeries and will require others throughout her life and now she is fighting leukemia. She has had to fight a lot but she has done it all with smiles, laughter and the biggest heart. Gracie has brought a community of people, schools, family and friends together with her joy. Everyone is drawn to her. Her spirit is truly magnetic. Something about her is magical. It cannot be described. It’s a love and warmth that radiates from her. She is sunshine as a person 😊

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