Feather Avery Necklace
Feather Avery Necklace
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Feather Avery Necklace

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This gold filled feather shape has a cubic zirconia and is dainty and beautiful piece to add to your collection. It is named after Avery, a heart warrior, and is a part of our Heart Collection that gives back to the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association.Mounted on a 16-18in adjustable gold filled chain. 20mmx6mm

A note from Avery’s mother:

”We found out at 16 weeks that Avery had TOF and Down syndrome. My husband and I went through so much trying to get pregnant with Avery. I had two boys from a previous marriage this was his first. When we finally found out we were pregnant we were both so excited. Then week after week something was wrong with our pregnancy. We were so lost. Our baby was going to have to fight he was going to have to be a warrior. He was born at 32 weeks just weighing 2lbs. He has lung disease and required a lot of oxygen support. They tried to open his pda up
In the NICU and had him a medicine called pge to try and help it literally made him not open his eyes for weeks it seemed like. He was in the NICU from July until October. He had his open heart surgery on December 11th 6 months old to the day. He had serious complications after surgery and was in and out almost the whole first year with chylothorax. We even ended up at children’s hospital of Philadelphia. When Avery was in the NICU we always said he was light as a feather but had the strength of a lion. The feather caught my eye because it’s something we always said.”

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